wife and husband

  • forbes
    wife and husband
    on: 2014-03-30 20:08:36
    My wife is 52 and I am 56 and we have been working out for three years with great success. We eat very clean eating chicken, veggies and eggs along with a protien and casin drink. We have both hit a wall and where wanting to go on a first cycle for me and for here and need advice on how to do a safe cycle for us taking into concderation out ages
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: wife and husband
    on: 2014-04-02 00:09:37

    Ok, first off, gear is very different for men and for women. What would be a small cycle for you, may disfigure your wife, for life. She may want to rethink using steroids at all, as even with the "mild" drugs, there is going to be a risk for side effects that she may not want to deal with, such as increased facial and body hair and enlarged clitoris. These side effects can last forever, which may be worth the risk for some, especailly competitors, but not worth it to many. There are non steroid options for her, that will help with her goals, while not giving these side effects. 

    At your ages, you would both benefit from using a low dose of growth hormone. As we age, our natural production decreases. GH will imporve fat loss, increase muscle mass, improve skin (reverse wrinkles), hair and nails. It may improve sleep and overall, improve quality of life. GH is a long term commitment. I would use it for no shorter than 4-5 months, and ideally, especially because of your age, I would stay on. Prices are much better now days, through sources like Naps, than they were in the past, or if you go to a fancy rejuvenation clinic. At a clinic, you may pay $800-$2000 a month to run 1 to 2iu ED. Here, you can get it for much cheaper. They do offer generic yellow and blue tops, but if you can afford to, I would opt for the Hyge brand. It is as good as pharm grade IME. For you, 2iu day. For her, start at 1iu and if she wants to, increase to no more than 2iu. 

    For steroids for you, a long acting test would be ideal. I would get your lab work done first. At your age, a good HRT dose would probably be great. Maybe a little higher. Just remember that using gear will shut down your natural production and the older you are, the harder it might be to recover. If you do your labs, and find that your test is already low, you could contiunue to do an HRT plan through your MD or on your own. Just be sure to have a Dr look at your blood, if you do HRT on your own. 

    If your wife still wants to use steroids, the only direction I would guide her into is anavar. I would make sure it is a HIGH quality brand, either Geneza or human grade. Anavar isnt cheap and some unscrupulous low end companies have put low doses of other, cheaper drugs in their "anavar" tabs. For a male, that might not be a problem, but it could quickly become one for your wife. I would suggest she takes 5mg a day for 6-8 wks. This should be enough to see a difference. If she feels that after several wks, she wants to take more, no more than 10mg ED

    If the two of you are interested, sign up for "Project Get Shredded". If sellected, it would be fun to see you both working together as a husband/wife team. Remember that the main factor that will drive you to the next level of physique development is always going to require an improvement to your diet. Thats what the project is all about. Check it out, linked off of the Naps main page