• LeroyCash
    on: 2013-07-18 19:10:50
    In your experience, which labs are you most impressed with? And which ate pharma grade?
    Thanks again for all your knowledge.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Labs
    on: 2013-07-23 16:34:06

    once i find a lab that is legit, i try to stick with it, unless i'm looking for a compound that they dont create. i figure that if something is working well, there is little sense in experimenting with other options. i have also used a private lab from time to time as well as human grade for test, honestly, i can't tell any difference in results between the three. thats not to say that there aren't a number of other good labs out there. i've heard good reviews on gen shi and at one point, may give them a try. you can read up and reseach on the net, but at the end of the day, you have to find out for yourself. there is always going to be good reviews and bad reviews. i remember a several yrs back, i was getting ready for a contest and at two wks out, dropped some gear and lost 2 bottles of masteron prop. i was going to need 2 more bottles to finish my final 2 wks of prep and i was going to need it, starting the next day. it was last minute and my only option was to take what was available to me. it just so happened that the gear i got was balken. now i had heard all sorts of stories about balken being fake, being under doses, ect. i figured, "welp, this is my only choice". it was either that or nothing. i never had personal experience with their products and didn't have friends who had used much of them. and would you believe that it worked just as well as the other mast prop i had been using. it was grade A, perfectly fine gear. clean and well dosed. here i had it in my head that balkan was garbage and worthless. i hear people online chattering from time to time that the lab i currently use is no good. i just have to shake my head. i have to believe it is a combonation of newbies, who dont know how to use gear, competing UGL reps trying to slander the competition, and parroting from someone has heard from a friend of a freind. like i said, you can find good and back about any lab. the key is, find something that works and run with that. a good lab will stay consistent over the long haul.

    now let me answer the second part of your question. which of these labs are pharm grade. all the big labs that you hear about from today and over the past decade, sciroxx, geneza, BD, axio, ect...they are all UGL. but UGL can mean a lot of different things. companies like geneza are produced in actual labs, in places of the world where AAS is totally legal, just like pharm grade gear would be produced. but UGL can also be some guy from your gym ordering questionable powders from over seas and mixing gear up in his kitchen, then slapping a label on the bottle that came off his computer printer. this is also a UGL and it's labs like this that can give gear a very bad name. personally, i would stay away from these home brew opperations. there is zero quality control and who knows what their level of consitency will be from batch to batch. you can always go the human grade route and if you have a good source, like the one here, you can know that what you're getting is good and real. you still have to be careful with human grade though. some guys are selling knock offs, that look just like the actuall HG product. sometimes, it can take a very well trained eye to see the real from the fake. just because its an imposter, doesnt mean it doesnt work. it may have just as much active hormone in it. still, it isnt human grade, so you're paying a premium for something that, at best, is as good as a UGL. like i said though, trust your source and you'll be good. even if you do use human grade, there are ompounds that aren't produced and UGL will be the only way to use them. hopefully, i've given you a little more knowledge here and you can make a more informed choice.