4th cycle

  • anonymous293
    4th cycle
    on: 2013-07-20 10:27:57
    HI, i want to gain like 10 pounds of muscle.
    at the moment i weigh in at 160 lb
    heigh at 5'11
    last cycle i did a 10 week cycle of
    Test E and Deca. with PCT of course.
    i brought the products from Napsgear. the brand i used were GENEZA . i just gained 2 pounds in that, which felt like nothing and did not feel any strength increase. i took 1 ml in dosage for both each, twice a week.

    i want you advice for my next cycle which will actually work and help me gain some weight.
    should i increase the dosage ??
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: 4th cycle
    on: 2013-07-23 06:11:38

    believe it or not, i have been using geneza for some time. i've used several batches of test e over the years. several batches of deca, im just finishing up some of their deca right now. i've never once had a bad expereince with their lab. i am 99.9% certain that you are having an issue with your diet. at 5 11, at 160 lbs, you are not eating enough. if you were, you would be growing without steroids. i imagine that over time, you could get to 220 lbs without even once going on gear, granted, it would take a lot longer than with steroids. steroids work by incrasing the amount of nutrients your muscle can take in. this will speed recovery and increase size. the key is, you have to eat enough food to do that. you should eat every 2-3 hours that you're awake. somewhere around 300 grams of protein to start, along with a good amount of carbs and fats. i would fist focus on the protein and eat a carb with each meal. then, when you have your consistency down, start to track your carbs. i'd start around 3-400 carbs. focus on clean carbs like oats, brown rice, sweet potato. for protein, focus on beef, chicken, fatty fish and eggs. if you eat 6 times a day, you'll need to get 50g of protein per meal to reach 300g total. you can use a whey supp but i wouldnt get more than 75g of your ptotein from whey. solid food is what builds muscle. no matter what brand you use, or what doses you go to, if you dont get this nailed first, you'll gain some water weight and then end up with only a couple lbs when its said and done...or less as time goes on 

    i've worked with a guy using 1cc of GP sust 270 EW who gained close to 25 lbs on cycle and kept 12 when they came off. for a first cycle, you could have done far less than this and with the right diet, done much better. if i were you, back things up and work on this diet and once you have it in order, i'd start fresh with your first cycle, all over again ;) and see how the results differ. this time around, i would actually leave the deca out. instead i would do a test cycle and add in an oral to kickstart it. the only brand i can personally speak for on nap's site is GP. as well as the human grade. if you want to try a different brand, go for it, but if you dont go with GP, i would go with human grade.  of his sellection of dbol, i would go with GP for sure. they are some of the best dbol i have ever used.


    test e 500mg EW

    adex .5mg 2 to 3 times a wk


    dbol 25mg ED


    PCT starts 2 ws after last injection nolvadex 40mg for one wk, the 20 mg for the next 2 wks


    i hope you follow this advice about diet. i like seeing people reach their goals. so go out there and turn into a monster!