• anonymous892
    on: 2014-04-08 01:29:34
    My wife wants to try hgh for the first time but we are both confused about how muc to buy. I was looking at the HGH Fragment and wanted to know how much and how often for her. I seen 2iu per day but how much is that bottle if 2mg. Thanks so much
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: hgh
    on: 2014-04-09 21:29:24

    HGH fragment is not actually GH. It is only part of the the protein chain. It is supposedly the part of GH that is responsible for fat loss. I have never used frag, nor have my clients, but even if it does work to help with fat loss, it will not have any of the other benefits that GH can produce. IE, Improved skin/reduction of wrinkles, improved hair growth and quality, muscle gain, ect ect. I have considered trying frag, but just like I do with any other peptides, I would use it in conjunction with actual GH. 

    For you and your wife, I would use real Growth and down the road, if you wanted to experiment with these other peptides, such as frag, GHRP, CJC, I would use them at the same time as your GH to intensify the results. Growth kits will be measured by the IU. You'll purchase a kit that contains a certain amount of IU's, for instance, 100iu, 10 x 10iu vials. Store them in the fridge and mix a vial as needed, using bacteriostatic water. 

    As for brand, Hyge is my favorite. They are, IMO, as good as pharm grade, at a much better price. Besides pharm grade and Hyge, Naps also offers generics. They will work, but the Hyge quality is better, IME. For your wife, if she is using Hyge, start her out on 1iu ED and see how that works out. I expect that she will get better pumps in the gym within a short time. I can see a change in my skin and hair within a month or so. It just has a healthier pop. To see long term benefits, such as fat loss and some mild muscle gain, it will take several months, assuming her diet is dialed in. The longer she stays on it, the better.