biomex tren e ?

  • anonymous946
    biomex tren e ?
    on: 2014-04-10 20:22:51
    I order tren e from biomex and it was tall 10ml bottle and orange ...I ordered again and it just came in a shorter bottle and yellow why is this I feel like I just got ripped off and I have always used naps
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: biomex tren e ?
    on: 2014-04-13 04:04:26

    I don't know a lot about biomex gear, but I can share some insight with you about UGL's and about naps. First, there are often color changes, especially with tren, in all of the UGL's I've used. I've seen tren come in anywhere from almost clear, to golden, to redish. It just has to do with oxidation during production. Color doesn't mean that the product is good or bad. It's just a different batch. And as for vial size, I can only speculate, but I imagine there are any number of reasons that they used a different vial in production. 

    As for feeling like you "got ripped off", I don't understand why you would feel that way, if you have always used Naps. I use a source because I trust that they are going to deliver a good quality product. If a source has been around for 6 months, sure, maybe they are going to try to pull a fast one and make a quick buck. But that isn't the way a legit business opperates for years. They aren't going to knowingly jepordize their rep by carrying bad product.  Personally, I don't know much about Bio because once I started using Geneza, I didn't feel a need to take the risk of not getting good products. I found a lab I liked, and I stick with it, for the most part. I'm sure there are guys that feel that way about Bio too. Thats why Naps offers them, as well as other brands. But we don't even know how well this new vial of Biomex works. It could be great! Still, if you don't think you liked the inconsistency in packaging, I would suggest using another brand