compounds that heal?

  • zerchersquat400
    compounds that heal?
    on: 2014-04-12 04:48:16 question is regarding which compounds will assist my body in healing? I recently sustained a rotator cuff tear but have been able to work around it. I'm not sure when I will get surgery but would it be helpful to take a low dose of Anavar to speed my recovery and minimize muscle loss. What other things would speed the healing? Also, I have osteoarthritis. Will certain compounds help alleviate the aching and pain. I have used deca but didn't notice any joint relief. Maybe it wasn't real? Will EQ help with this? What about peptides? I know GH can help...but it's too expensive! I'm 44 years old and have been lifting for 30 years and am not new to the steroid world. I am also a construction laborer so my body takes a beating. Thanks for your rime!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: compounds that heal?
    on: 2014-04-15 04:26:24

    Well, if its a complete tear, nothing is going to help reconnect it, but for general increase in collagen production as well as muscle retention, EQ, Deca and Anavar would be helpful. Deca is great for joints in my experience, but it does take time to work. My only guess is, you hadn't run it long enough to see that? Just a guess, of course. If you did run about 300mg deca for 12 wks and not see much joint relief, then sure, go another direction. EQ would be next in line. I feel pretty good, using EQ. Problem is, the cushioning effect can mask pain that may have stopped you from continuing a perticular movement. So be vigilant over your body and your limits. I would also use an HRT dose of test while on any of these anabolics.

    As for peptides, yes, growth would be good. In fact, that would be my #1 choice. If you can't opt for the fancy stuff, generic (blue, yellow top, ect) do work. It's expensive when you run a bodybuilding dose, 5+ iu ED, but for HRT dosing, high cost is an outdated notion. Say you pick up 200 iu at $175 a kit. If you ran 2iu, that would last 100 days. If you did it 5 on, 2 off, that would be about 20 wks for about $3.50 day. Now sure, I would run it ED if I could but thats not to say that 5 on, 2 off doesn't work. IME, it can be just as costly to run research peptides. I'd like to add more peptides into my program at times, but when I break it down, at a certain point, it becomes just as cost effective as adding in another iu of growth. That being said, other peptides will help. 3 shots a day of GHRP and GRF 1-29 would increase IGF as well. 

    Also, make sure you are getting plenty of fish oil, up to 9g a day. It makes a big difference in the joints