How to cycle multiple competitions

  • rickw
    How to cycle multiple competitions
    on: 2013-07-23 07:57:58
    I recently competed in my third BB competition. I cycled with:
    Test prop 100mg eod Wk 1-8
    Tren acet 100mg eod Wk 1-8
    Anastazole 0.5mg ed wk 2-8
    Stan 40mged Wk3-8
    Masteron 100mg eod wk 5-8
    Halo 20mg ed Wk 7-8
    Also using Clenbuterol & T3

    I followed this with 10 days of hCG 500IU, then 5 weeks of Nolvadex 40,40,20,20,10.

    I won my weight class looking very hard, dense and vascular.

    I plan to compete 3 times in 2014 and each show is 2 months apart. If I follow the same protocol how should I transition to the second and third competition?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: How to cycle multiple competitions
    on: 2013-07-24 01:06:42

    this will be a brutal season. 8 wks between shows is too far to maintain condition throughout so you're going to have to depeak and repeak.this can be tricky and there is a good chance that you are not going to be 100% at all 3 shows. i've found that adding a second show to the season ups the learning curve dramatically. three shows is quite a lofty goal. if i were to try to do this, i would pick one show that i wanted to look my best at and aim to peak at that show. from there, if you feel you could've been in better condition, then make the improvements for the next one. 

    i dont want to talk you out of your plan, but i also do want to point out that this is going to put your body under a great deal of stress. if the shows were closer together, i think it would be a more doable plan. but as of now, you're going to be dieting into the first show for 12-16 wks and then continue on for another 16 wks. this is a recipe for lots of health problems. as you've discovered, orals like halo and winny can really help you pull your look together for a contest. they are also very toxic. it doesnt take long to throw your cholesterol way off. also, your liver will be greatly taxed. not to mention, your kidney function will be stressed. 32 wks is a long time to beat your body up like this. if you do it, you are going to need to do regular blood work throughout. i get mine done every 6 wks in prep.

    what you use going into the show will probably be determined by which show you want to be your main target contest. i'm going to write this out as though your second show would be your target show. i'd have a hard time advocating doing 3 shows like this, but lets talk about doing 2. 

    i would start 16 wks out and as i write this, i am going to count backwards from 16-1, 16 being the first wk of prep(as in 16 wks left) and your contest being at the end of wk 1,


    test e 600mg


    EQ 600mg

    adex .5mg EOD


    tren ace 100mg EOD

    mast 100mg EOD

    adex .5mg ED


    winny 50mg ED

    wk 1

    winny 100mg

    get your labs done after this show and again in 6 wks. as long as everything is good, continue on


    next contest, starting sunday after the first show


    test prop 100mg ED

    tren ace 50mg ED

    adex .5mg to start, then up it to .5mg ED for the last 4 wks


    mast 50mg ED

    wk 3-2

    20mg halo ED

    wk 1

    30mg halo ED


    if you are using t3 through the first show, i would tapper it down to a low dose, say 25 mcg and hold there through the show. at that dose, i personally never feel as though i'm going flat. then after that show, you can either tapper off or ramp it back up for the next show. personally, i never go above 60 or so mcg of t3. i use moderate doses for longer periods. IMO, the guys taking 100 plus mcg are just nuts.