sus 270

  • Tom
    sus 270
    on: 2013-07-25 18:18:47
    hey Sir , hope you are doing well
    I only have one question and I hope you Can answer me :

    Can I stack Sustanon 270 with Oral winstrol ??

    as you know Sus For bulking and Winstrol For Cutting

    does that work ? and if you Can tell me which Oral Brand should I get please ?

    thank you much .
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: sus 270
    on: 2013-07-26 00:35:03

    if you are cutting, this will work just fine. test can be used for cutting or bulking. if you are cutting, i would use more adex to control estrogen and to keep fluid retention down. i've run sust right up to a contest before. with enough AI, it is no problem winstrol is a cutting drug. its main purpose in the sport of bodybuilding is of a purely cosmetic nature. while you're on it, the muscle will dry out and take on a harder look. it doesnt make you leaner or keep you from putting on fat. it just gives a better look to an already lean muscle. when you come off the winny, this effect will go away. its not ideal for use in the off season. first off, its liver toxic and hard on cholesterol. why put yourself through that if you dont need to? second, as it dries you out, your joints and connective tissues become more dry and more lilely to become injured under the heavy stresses of lifting, especially in the off season, when you want to be able to move your heaviest weights. as far as oral winstrol, i have use the 10 mg geneza tabs with solid results for 3 different shows. i would also suggest their adex. i have used it for over a year now. different batches, ect. all very good.


    assuming your cutting, a cycle with sust and winny might look something like this...

    wk 1-12

    sust 270 2cc EW

    adex .5mg EOD, more if needed, but that should be good


    winstrol 50mg ED 


    PCT starts 3 wks after last injection nolvadex 40mg for 1 wk, followed by 2 wks of 20mg