too much for first cycle?

  • perpkful
    too much for first cycle?
    on: 2014-04-28 19:31:06
    In this first cycle I want to define as much as possible, since I can hardly define and I have a competition next year. Had thought of: Test E GP (500 or 600mg/w) 12-16weeks (what is better), clen, T3, and anavar last 6 or 8 weeks 60mg ED, had also thought about using masteron, but people say use only with very little body fat, so do not know if using. And another thing I was thinking now is whether to use a quickstart like TNE first 3 weeks at 50mg ED 2h preworkout. What do you think? would be nice to do the quickstart to get advantage those first 3 weeks? I would do some "damage" to me? All Geneza Pharmaceuticals, what do you think bro?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: too much for first cycle?
    on: 2014-05-03 02:06:02

    For a first cycle, you want to keep your program WAY more simple than this. So many new guys over think gear. It doesn't have to be complex. You need to understand how to stay as safe as possible. Understand estrogen control and PCT. Beyond that, take a little test(250-500mg) and focus your energy on diet, because thats where the results will come from. Eat right and you will get results. Want to get a little harder? Use a small amount of a DHT based drug at the end, like the anavar you mentioned. Maybe 6 wks of 40mg would be plenty. Just keep it simple!

    Split the test dose into 2 wkly injections. PCT 2 wks after your last shot of Test e