Tren or not

  • perpkful
    Tren or not
    on: 2014-04-30 23:02:53
    I have a competiton in a few months, so I was thinking to use a test e(500-600mg/w) 12 weeks and tren ace (75mg EOD) 4-12 or 6-12 week, the test can be test prop if its better. I want to use tren because the effects, but the people says that tren can have "bad" sides, and this cycle is mi first cycle. I know, tren is preferible to use minimum in the 2 cycle or more because the sides and because if its the first time we don't know how body reacts about test, so if I take only test about 4-6 weeks and then tren... What do you think? Its a very bad idea? Or not. The objective is cut fat to the max and gain some lean mass ( i think to use clen and t3 too). And sorry about my bad english im from spain haha. I don't do this just for a nice body is about get a job or not... ( diet and training is perfect, carb cycling, cardio morning and afternoon, etc, this is all clear. Thanks for your time!!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Tren or not
    on: 2014-05-10 03:29:03

    If this is your first cycle, I would stay away from tren. It may cause more issues than it is worth. I would use test at 500mg for 12 wks and add in winstrol for the last 6 wks at 50mg. If you use a long acting test, you are going to need a decent amount of AI, like adex, to control estrogen. If you use long acting test, you may even want to reduce the test dose for the last 4 wks to 250mg, depending on how you respond. 

    Remember to do a solid PCT following the cycle