How are my gains 6 weeks in?

  • anonymous969
    How are my gains 6 weeks in?
    on: 2014-05-02 07:05:57
    This is my first cycle. Im running 500mg test e each week. I frontloaded 1g the first two weeks. My bodyweight before the cycle was 170lbs at very low bodyfat. Im now sitting at 178lbs. My bench has gone from 275 to 315, squat 365 to 405 and deadlift im working out with 50 more lbs. I eat 5 meals a day and get between 4-5k calories. I guess I am what is considered a 'hard gainer' but I gained 40lbs of solid mass naturally in just a year of lifting by sticking to a strict diet of eating everything in the kitchen 5 times a day. I know that was a lot of info to absorb. My question is, how much bodyweight should I expect to gain during this cycle with me being a 'hard gainer' and only gaining lean mass? I have 6 more weeks left
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: How are my gains 6 weeks in?
    on: 2014-05-10 03:42:13

    Everyone is different. In the first several wks, I would expect to gain 8 to 15 lbs of fluid, depending on how much AI you are using. I would have to see your pics to determine how much of your gain is water, how much is fat, and how much looks to be developing into lean tissue. All you can do, is do your best, and your body will grow as fast as it will grow. If you find yourself looking lean still, outside of the added water weight, you can probably eat more. If you are at your limit for food intake, you'll find that adding more will turn more into fat than into muscle. Remember that you can utilize a lot more food on gear than you can naturally, so what was your natural limit for food intake, may now be increased. See how far you can push yourself and use progress pics every 2 wks, to look at the changes. And remember, not all cals are created equal.