where to add in cycle

  • king
    where to add in cycle
    on: 2014-05-05 03:09:25
    Cycle Layout:Weeks 1-8 100 mg GP Test Prop100 taken every other dayWeeks 1-8 100 mg GP Tren Acetate taken every other dayWeeks 3-8 40 mg GP Stan 10 per day.The above is my cycle layout that I will be taking soon. I would like to add Sus350 /10ml to the cycle. Can you tell me where should i add it into the cycle and how much? Thanks in advance.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: where to add in cycle
    on: 2014-05-12 02:19:39

    It all depends on how much test you normally use, You are already taking about 400mg EW, so split the sust up into EOD shots, adding in what you need to reach the total MG's of test you normally use per wk. If you are newer to gear, you don't need it. You'll already be running about 1g of total hormone. If this is the case, save the sust for your next cycle, when you go back to an off season diet.