Your thoughts on andromix

  • anonymous369
    Your thoughts on andromix
    on: 2013-07-30 17:21:14
    Hey was wondering have you ever tried andromix? And if so how was it for you? I read the profile on and it says that it can be used for a lean bulk OR cutter cycle . Also would 1cc EOD work or go with 2cc EOD.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Your thoughts on andromix
    on: 2013-08-01 05:14:56

    andromix is a combo of three steroids. test prop, tren ace and masteron prop. combined, these are considered to be...well, the holy grail of competitive bodybuilding, during the contest prep. realistically, any steroid can be used in a "lean bulk" and the same is just about true for dieting, but some are better options than others for each goal. lean bulk, dirty bulk, cutting...these things all depend on diet more than the steroids you're using. would i run andromix during a bulking phase? no, i probably wouldn't. i would save it for cutting. but when i cut, i already start from below 10% body fat. i have a lot of room to dial in and keep cals high. it isnt until the last 6 or so wks of a 16 wk diet that i have to lower the cals too low to gain much more new mass. if i were to run andromix while prepping for a show, i would probably expect to gain a little more muscle in the process. what andromix will do best is preserve your muscle while you cut. you'll stay very strong and the combo of tren and mast will give you a very dry and grainy look, if you are under 6% body fat. if you hold more fat, it wont be nearly as dramatic. 

    the draw back to a 3 in 1 mix is that you can't adjust doses. if you are sensitive to tren but do great on masteron, you cant change the ratio to suit your needs. you can always purchase extra bottles of the compound you'd want to run higher, then use the mix as your base and add the other into your shots to get your mg's where you want them. if you are a new steroid user, this mix might not be ideal. there are 3 different things happening here at once. its a good rule to never use more than one new compound per cycle. that way, you know how that one effects you.  if you experince side effects, you wont know how to stop them as well, since you dont know which drug is causing it. if you really wanted to run this combo, and you're new to gear, you might be better off buying each bottle seperately and that way you can control the doses better. tren is the worst for sides out of the three. and its considered one of the worst steroids for sides, period. there is a chance that you'll be just fine running 100 mg prop and 100mg masteron EOD but the tren may or may not cause issues. i'd want to start it at 59mg EOD and after a couple wks, move it to 75mg EOD if you're ok with it. i wouldnt go over 100mg EOD at this point