How to transition cycles.

  • anonymous286
    How to transition cycles.
    on: 2013-08-01 19:14:10
    I could really use some expert advice on how I should transition my cycle from bulk to cutting. I am currently on my 13th week of bulking(750mg Test E/400mg Deca split into 2 injections/week) Iam planning on ending this cycle around the 15 week mark. I am assuming that I should start to wein myself off the Test e and Deca from now(wk 13) till week 15. Once I am cycled down at the end of the bulk cycle, would it be okay to start clenbuterol with oxandrolone for an in between cycle to cut a bit or will that screw up my test recovery. I read that it is a good way to keep strength up and not lose gains in between cycles...but I want to hear it from you. Thanks a bunch!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: How to transition cycles.
    on: 2013-08-02 06:20:35

    not a wise move for a couple of reasons. first, taking any steroid, at any dose is going to keep you shut down. dont fool yourself. if you're taking something, you're still "on". second, its not a wise idea to try to cut up right after you've gained new mass. you want to give yourself time to get used to holding this new muscle. when you come off and run PCT, you need to keep the food intake just about as high as you did while gaining. muscle isnt economic for your body. it takes a lot to your body's resources to maintain. the first thing it will want to do is drop the new lbs so you dont want to give it a reason to do so. i would wait through PCT and then an additional couple months of training without gear to work at holding as much as you can. then if you decide that you want to cut, do so with a proper cutting cycle. if you found that you put on too much fat in this cycle and thats the reason you wanted to diet down some, your diet was off. you'll need to make some adjustments, probably to carbs, in the future


    there is no need to tapper the gear down when you come off. i would stop the deca one wk before the test. then 2 wks after your last test shot(now 3 wks after last deca shot) start PCT. clomid or nolvadex for 3 wks