Blast and Cruise Question

  • Anonomous
    Blast and Cruise Question
    on: 2014-05-18 22:20:05
    First, I want to thank you on past advice for a question I had asked prior. I am getting ready to cycle again and have a few other questions for you. My cycle looks like this-Weeks 1-14 Test E 600 per weekWeeks 1-12 Deca 500 per weekWeeks 1-4 Dbol 30 per dayWeeks 1-14 Adex .5 Eod or 3 times a week (Not really prone to gyno)Weeks 1-14 HCG 500ius per weekWeeks 9-14 Var 60-80 per dayCurrent stats-5'9 19541 yearsThis will be my 4th cycle and the reason you don't see PCT is I am considering blasting and cruising. At 41, not planning on anymore kids. All pins will be twice a wk injections. Var at the end is to lean out and dbol is for kickstart. Thoughts on current cycle? With cruising do you still need an ai and hcg? Length of time for cruising in between cycles? Should it be the same as cycle and pct? Cycle + PCT = time off or Cycle 14 weeks = 14 weeks of cruising say at 150-200 wk?Is test e best for cruising?Thanks in advance for your help and advice!
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    Re: Blast and Cruise Question
    on: 2014-05-24 23:46:01

    The cycle looks fine. If you are planning to "cruise" after, understand that this may be may never come off from this point forward. I would then reduce the test to HRT dosing, around 100mg EW along with a very small dose of adex, depending on your body's response. Possibly .5mg 1x wk. Some will run HCG with this. Some will not. If you experience atrophy, it may be a good idea. I would stay on your HRT dose for at least 8 wks and then get lab work to make sure that your liver and cholesterol are functioning normally. It wouldn't hurt to see where your test ans estrogen levels are as well, so that you have a better idea of how to dose your HRT. 

    BTW, for anyone else reading this reply, the only reason I can see this as a good option is because of his age. For a 25 yr old, with limited cycle experience, this would be a very bad idea.