• anonymous133
    on: 2014-05-20 15:59:06
    Helo! I saw article that caffeine before workout is not good choice. Because caffeine will kill pump.What do you think about this?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Question!
    on: 2014-07-09 06:02:10

    The internet is a wonderful place for learing. It can also be a very confusing place to get info. There is constantly a new study coming out that tells you to do the opposite of what you've always done. I think a lot of these articles are writtin sinpmply to get attention and if I listened to all of them, I would be pretty confused as to what I should do next. 

    It's not that I'm against reasl science. Its not that I'm for bro-science. More so, I'm interested in real world experience. And I can tell you that if calleine "kills" the pump, my quads never got the memo on leg day. Cafeine allows me to dig deep and push harder, while more focused. I have had some outstanding sessions tweaked out on a little coffee or one of the modern PWO supps that contain caf and other stims. I can tell you from real world experience, that if I can train harder, be more aggressive and do more, by body is going to respond favorly.Reading and educating yourself is good, but look things intuitively too and learn to trust what your body is telling you.