Cycle Indeciveness

  • anonymous528
    Cycle Indeciveness
    on: 2013-08-03 06:15:10
    I've been reading a lot about cycles and how the concept is pretty much useless when it comes to maintaining muscle mass after getting off after a while. I've been on gear for almost a year now and can't decide whether or not I should stay on. Is it possible to stay on for another year or two and what do I have to put into consideration when it comes to staying on long term?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Cycle Indeciveness
    on: 2013-08-04 13:36:40

    well, whem you've been on for a year, this is no longer a "cycle". i think of cycling as being on for a period, then off for a period. you really need down time. i'm sure you're seeing that the results are not nearly as dramitic now, then they were when you first started. you need down time to let your body reset. i would suggest that you begin an aggressive PCT program. first running HCG with clomid for a couple of wks together, somewhere around 500iu HCG every 3 days along with 50mg clomid. then, i'd drop the HCG and run clomid alone, as follows :

    wk 1

    clomid 100mg

    wk 2-3

    clomid 50mg

    wk 4

    clomid 25mg


    in the end, you'll be happy you did come off, but after this length of time, PCT probably isnt going to be a breeze. after a few wks off, if you finding that you are still shut down hard, you can repeat PCT. you also asked what are the things to consider about staying on long term. infertility and sexual dysfunction are two major effects that one can experince long term. if you aren't getting your labs done throughout, you should do so soon and remember how important it is to have lab work every 3 or so months. high cholesterol cn be an issue after long term use. check your kidney and liver function as well. also, RBC can go high over time, making your blood thick and harder to flow through your body. this can result in stroke.


    as hard as it may mentally be, take a few months off. any mass ot strength gains that you feel you are losing will come back. just make sure that you still are aggressive with your food intake and continue to work hard in the gym