HRT and first Cycle

  • Lou
    HRT and first Cycle
    on: 2013-08-04 06:49:08
    Im a 50 year old that has been on Testosterone replacement therapy for the last 8 months. I have been pushing weights for 2 years now with great results and a solid base for body building. My diet is very methodical, it consists of 6 meals a day at approximately 3800 calories.I would really like to know your openion on a Test cycle or any other cycle for that matter that would work well for someone on TRT. Also would you recommend a cycle with Primo tabs while keeping the weekly dose of my TRT. Thanks Great site ....keep up the good work!!!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: HRT and first Cycle
    on: 2013-08-05 02:40:49

    it sounds like you are have set yourself up well to begin a good cycle at this point. good solid diet and training foundation is going to make a huge difference in your results. before we talk AAS cycling, i wanted to just mention that at your age, i would suggest looking into HGH. a replacement dose works great in conjunction with your HRT. it can do amazing things for older guys, improving quality of life. the rejuvenation clinics out there can be so expensive, but it really isnt that expensive through a good source like naps, when you're running daily replacement doses of 2-3IU. figure a high quality gh like hyge might cost $5 day for 2iu. not bad when the rejuv clinics are selling it at $1200 for a month supply. i'm far younger than you, but by no means am i young. i can see the benefit at my age. 


    anyway, lets talk gear. first off, you really dont want to use primo tabs. they are probably the biggest waste of money, IMO. they are not very bioavailable. if you want to use primo, go with the inject. one thing to consider is that primo and many of the other mild AAS are DHT based. at your age, i'm sure you want to be careful with DHT and the prostate. im going to assume that you aren't trying to go monster size mass going for the mr o title, but more so, look great, feel good, and kick some ass in the gym. i'm going to assume that as i advise you here. for your cycle, the first thing i would do is bump your test up. at hormone replacement doses, test creates a normal physiological response, but when you move into a higher dose, you create a super physiological, drug like response. you dont need to go crazy with it, but 400mg would be good. between 350mg to 500mg is a good start for a first cycle. if you want to, you can stop here and just go with this alone. i'm not sure if your doctor has you on adex, but if he does, be aware that you may need a little more during your cycle. personally, i would also consider adding in a moderately dosed oral for the first 4-6 wks. anavar is a great compound with few side effects. its considered one of the more mild steroids, but its great for strength and lean gains. 6 wks at 50mg ED would be ideal. since you are not going to regain natural test function after the cycle, there is no need for PCT. about 10 days after your last shot, i would go back to my normal HRT. here is how i would lay things out :


    test e or cyp 400mg

    adex (dosed between .25mg EOD to .5mg EOD at the very most)


    anavar 50mg ED