winstrol dose

  • perpkful
    winstrol dose
    on: 2014-05-28 01:38:33
    Whats the ideal dose of oral winstrol?( the brand i use is GP. The average dose is 50mg/ED i think, but thats for injectable so for oral? Less because is more toxic or more because is less efective than injectable?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: winstrol dose
    on: 2014-07-19 02:46:00

    50mg is standard, and really, it's plenty to get you dry and hard looking, if you run it properly. If you follow the up coming Project Get Shredded, we have a couple guys that are going to use Winstrol. The key is, that you need to get rid of the majority of your fat FIRST, then add the Winny in to help take you that much futher. So the cycle I'd suggest would be longer, 10-12 wks for a new user. It would look like this



    Test E 350-500mg EW

    Adex .5mg EOD


    Winstrol 50mg ED


    IMO, the oral version is a lot easier to deal with. The oral and injectable are basically going to have the same effect. They are the same drug. The injectable may be slightly less toxic because it misses your liver on the first pass but in the end, it still has to be processed by your liver and still is the same drug. ED inject are a pain to deal with, especially if it's water based and especially if you are new to injections. So my advice would be to stick with the oral and split your dose. 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg about 8 hours later.