im looking for a complete cycle for Genza EQ

  • anonymous276
    im looking for a complete cycle for Genza EQ
    on: 2013-08-05 07:46:06
    i'm looking for a complete cycle with dosages for EQ and test and anything else you recommend
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: im looking for a complete cycle for Genza EQ
    on: 2013-08-06 04:56:05

    if you havent cycled before, you'll be best served starting out with a test cyp or test e cycle. this alone, or this with a 6 wk oral kick start should be enough to add as much muscle as one possibly could in one cycle. still, i will advise. if this is the case, pls look back through other answers, as i've outlined a starter cycle a number of times in various replies in the AAS section of the Q and A. 

    if you have already done this and want to move forward, adding a new compound, EQ is a good choice. the gains come on slowly but consistently over a long period of time. the side effects of EQ are on the milder side and although it is a good steroid for mass building, it doesnt create tons of fluid retention, like other drugs can. the ester takes a long time to build up and therefore, it's ideal to run EQ a little longer than most other steroids. as with any cycle, test is the base and EQ is then added to that. it can take awhile for both the test and the EQ to really be working well, so introducing an oral kick start can help to get things rolling. the oral you choose would depend on your goals. you havent really explained much about yourself, your experince or what your goal with this cycle will be, so i am going to assume that you are newer to AAS and that your goal is to grow, not cut. Tbol at 40mg should be plenty for a newer user to gain some strength, muscle and pep in the gym, as you wait for the longer esters to kick in. here is how i would lay things out. noice that we are running the test for 1 wk longer than the EQ. this will give a little more time for the EQ to leave your system, as the longer ester will take longer to break down

    wks 1-15 

    test e 500mg wk

    adex .5mg 3x wk

    wks 1-14


    500mg EW

    wk 1-5

    tbol 40mg ED

    PCT would start in wk 17, 

    wk 17

    nolvadex 40mg ED


    nolvadex 20mg ED