why is my libido low?

  • zerchersquat400
    why is my libido low?
    on: 2014-06-04 05:30:12
    Hello and thanks for all the good info provided here. I am currently taking 750mg/a wk. Vermodje test enanthate, 600mg/wk Geneza EQ and 50 mg/day Geneza Anavar, as well as .5mg of adex 2x per week, plus 500mg hcg 2x per wk. for about 4 weeks now. I recently added another .5 mg of Geneza adex per week. I have done other cycles of just test, or test with other compounds like tren acetate or deca. My libido on cycles is always quite high, especially with the Tren! I have never used Anavar or EQ and this is the most test I've used per week for a long time. The problem is my libido doesn't seem as high as it should be. What should I do? I'm not exeriencing any estrogen sides as far as I can tell. Should I add an androgen such as Proviron or Masteron? Increase or even decrease my Adex? Increase the HCG? I havent had bloods done but I think I am going to soon via private med labs. Is the female hormone panel adequate as I've heard suggested before? My libido is still there just not all that high like I (and my wife) would like it to be. Any suggestions you have would be greatly apreciated!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: why is my libido low?
    on: 2014-07-24 04:10:38

    First off, I'll say it never hurts to get labs! Thats of course the only way we can know for sure what's going on. Without knowing, we can only speculate whats going on. I've seen with some guys, that even when everything is within range, EQ has caused this problem. This is much more rare than with tren or deca, but it is still possible. The first thing I would try is to add 50mg of Proviron. This may not be a solution, but it will probably be a good bandaid. You should notice a difference in a few days.