Wife T3

  • anonymous240
    Wife T3
    on: 2014-06-08 01:11:39
    My first time on this forum but I have a question concerning my wife. A couple of years ago she was involved in a terrible car wreck she is 5'2 and was about 125lbs ripped and in great shape as she was an athlete. However since her wreck she has been unable to do very much of anything at all resulting in her gaining a considerable amount of weight. She is now close to 150lbs. For the last several months her doctor and therapist has been working with her and she has been working extremely hard like her old self as much as her body will allow until the recovery process is finished then she will be back full force weight conditioning the whole 9 yards. Saying all that to say after several months of hard work and clean eating we can see a change in appearance but not the scale so was wondering is T3 a good option and if so at what dose and for how long? Thanks so much for your advice
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Wife T3
    on: 2014-07-29 06:10:45

    At this point, I would probably agree that hard work and proper diet is what she needs. The diet should be doing most of the work for fat loss, so if she isn't seeing progress, the diet is off. I'm not sure of what her limitations are, so I dont know what kind of cardio she can do, but cardio would help. 

    T3 is quite an advanced compound, for someone that is already using steroids, to support muscle tissue because T3 will burn up fat, but it will also burn muscle. I would suggest getting the diet in order first so that she knows her response is due to the food. Then if she is interested, consider using some clen. Starting at 40mcg and slowly adding 10mcg every couple of wks, taking it up to 80mcg at the higest, and staying on clen, but no longer than 10-12 wks total use of clen. 

    Best of luck to her