cycle dosages

  • oliver
    cycle dosages
    on: 2014-06-08 06:57:23
    20 years old 5 9 and 210. I've played around with all the pro hormones and haves no real idea of what my body would need in terms of mg doses. i ran 50 tren ace and prop eod but the progesterone sides hit me heavy i gained tremendously but, i don't feel tren is necessary. i plan on blasting for 6 months, money is of no issue is for gear. was thinking of 600-800 mgs of anabolics between test e and eq maybe deca in the winter. i feel that i would grow great off 500 mg's of test but i kinda wanna go over the top with it.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: cycle dosages
    on: 2014-07-29 17:07:07

    Stick with the amount it takes to work and have a strong effect without going over the top. If you had a headache and 2 Asprin cured it, what would be the benefit of taking 4 or 6 asprin? It would just serve to create more potential side effects. A cycle doesn't have to be hard on the body. You can run a good, clean cycle with low sides and great gains. The more simple you keep it, the more you'll be able to focus on the factors that will make you grow, diet, training and rest. If you are prone to progesterone sides, deca may have a negative impact on you. A safer bet might be EQ. My cycle suggestion would look like this :


    Test E or Cyp 500mg

    EQ 400mg

    adex .25mg to .5mg EOD, as needed to control Estrogen


    Dbol 30mg ED


    PCT would start about 3 wks after last injection. If you want to better ensure your recovery through the cycle, you can use HCG at 250IU 2x wk through the cycle, and stop taking it a few days before PCT starts