High blood pressure during cycle

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    High blood pressure during cycle
    on: 2013-04-16 05:50:59
    How are you guys keeping it at lower levels? I'm sitting at around 140+ over 80+ which is very borderline hypertension. Anything you can recommend?
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    Re: High blood pressure during cycle
    on: 2013-04-17 00:13:21
    for a long time, i never had any issues with my BP while "on". as i've gotten bigger, this has slowly become a problem. i'm glad to be able to address this here because high BP, the "silent killer" can go undetected for a long time. it's so important that we, as BBers, are responsible for our health and keep a close on this to make sure everything is in check. so...high BP doesn't seem to be as big of a problem for me while i'm in contest prep mode, but during the off season, it's become a problem. first thing i would do is watch your sodium intake. this isnt always easy when you're trying to add muscle and possibly eating foods that are less than perfectly clean. i've had to work hard for every ounce of muscle i've gained and i'll be the first to admit that i seem to get the best results when i not only eat a TON of fairly clean food, but also add in cheese burgers, fries, thai noodles, ect on top of my scheduled feedings. i can only eat so many clean calories a day. beyond that, these junk foods have helped...but yea, it's hard to control sodium while using these foods several times a wk. so i make sure i get plenty of water all day. i'm pushing at least 1.5 gallons in the off season, usually closer to 2. it keeps me flushed and coupled with the use of an AI, it helps to an extent.

    if this doesnt work, i would suggest getting your blood work done. high RBC , especially with EQ has pushed mine above the normal acceptable limit. i can tell it's getting up there when i find myself easily out of breath when exerting myself in the gym. if you donate a pint of blood, you will feel so much better by the next day and it should help your BP. if this was the case, and you felt lethargic, energy will be back up. stamina will be back. your heart doesnt have to pump sludge through your body. the effect is instant. i donate a few times a year.

    if the problem still persists, which is too common with big guys, looking into a BP medication while bulking might be the answer, IMO. i recently started Norvasc 5mg for this very reason. it is supposed to be low low side effects. i had success using lisinop, but it also gave me headaches from time to time, so i recently switched.

    feel free to come back to the Q and A if you would like to revisit this question in about a month, and i'd be more than happy to give you a better opinion of Norvasc!