whats the best thing to do?

  • anonymous909
    whats the best thing to do?
    on: 2013-08-07 20:37:57
    hi i want to do my first cycle im 31 200 picked up some fat when i stop working out over last few years but will drop most of it before i start the cycle. Dont have no health problems and i want to keep it that way. i dont know what to use other then test 500 per week. i would like to use 400 primo and add 100 proviron per day or swap primo whit eq or masteron i just dont know if its ok to use masteron for 12 weeks sence i never seen a cycle of masteron that long will dry me up in a bad ways on bones and joints. how dos this look to you? week 1-4 400 test e,400 primo or eq and kick start dbol 30mg per day. week 5-10 500 test e, 400 primo or eq and 100 proviron ed. week 11-13 test p 400, 400 masteron and 30mg anavar from week 10-13. probably .5 armidex eod and liver protection first 6 weeks. I would love to sub masteron in place of primo or eq but dont know how long i can use it for and dont really want to add deca to lubricate what masteron is drying up. i would like to add good quality mass that i can mostly keep dont want to loose definition.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: whats the best thing to do?
    on: 2013-08-10 05:31:09

    thats a whole lot of compounds going on there. especially for a first cycle. honestly, you will make amazing gains on just test. you wont need any more than that. over time, you'll find that you dont respond as well to a test only cycle. thats when you want to start adding in other anabolics. over time, you'll find that cycles can get more complicated and more expensive. so basically, where ever you start, expect to go up from there, over time. if you are already introducing several new compounds to your body in the first cycle, what are you going to have to do to evoke the same response in a year? also, its ideal to not use more than one new compound per cycle. this way, you can see how you respond. figure out what works for you. what doesn't figure out what gives you side effects and learn how to combat them. if you use several new compounds at once, and you start to have some bad sides, you wont know whats causing it, and it will be harder to fix. i can justify using an oral to kick start the cycle, as you wait for the test to kick in, but honestly, your best bet is to always keep your cycles as simple as you can. things dont need to be complex with exotic compounds to make great gains. for a first cycle, i would suggest 12 wks of test e or cyp, at 350-500mg. keep the dose consistent. no need to go up or down. it'll slowly build over time and dbol at 25-30mg ED for the first 6 wks. i'd also add in a low dose of an AI, like adex and adjust the dose as needed. starting around .5mg EOD. that is about the most i would take for this cycle, unless you find yourself getting gyno warnings from the dbol. after the dbol is done, you will probably need less adex 


    the cycle would look like this :

    1-12 test cyp 500mg, adex .5mg EOD

    1-6 dbol 30mg ED


    PCT starts in wk 14 1 wk of nolvadex at 40mg, then 2 more wks of nolva at 20mg