Need some help. The question is a lengthy read, but im hoping for some genuine helpful answers

  • jl1982
    Need some help. The question is a lengthy read, but im hoping for some genuine helpful answers
    on: 2014-06-21 00:49:30
    Ok, so im 32, and have been struggling with my weight my whole life, I eat clean, but just cannot seem to lose weight. Yes i work out, pretty frequently and have had all the personal trainers one can afford, to no avail. At my heaviest i was 460+.. i had bariatric surgery and got all the way down to about 180.. great.. except the Band (surgery) started making me throw up everything! I couldnt even hold down water.. so i had no choice but to have it removed.. cannot do the surgery again and have been to specialist after specialist to figure out what is wrong with me. I am now back to 320 lbs.. and its killing me.. i CANNOT lose weight and i do NOT know what to do.. I have been tested, and turns out i have low T, which my one specialist feels that would not be the issue, while my other specialist says that having low T could throw off the balance of a lot of my internal systems, including but not limited to my digestion, metabolism, thyroid, adrenal glands, and pituitary gland.. this being said, she feels raising my testosterone would be a great way to combat this issue, while getting me up to higher levels would help burn the fat my body is storing allowing me to make big moves in the right direction. Here in lies the problem, she is not qualified to write this type of RX and my other specialist refuses to, as i think she feels im another guy trying to get prescribed steroids. Fast forward a month or so, and now im here.. So my question would be, for those who have experience, what would a good first cycle be? I am completely new to this and if someone wouldnt mind "holding my hand" thru it i would be very grateful! Looking forward to hearing something soon. JL
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Need some help. The question is a lengthy read, but im hoping for some genuine helpful answers
    on: 2014-08-06 02:05:35

    Hey Bro, glad to see that you have stumbled onto my Q/A. Your story is quite extreme. Low test levels can certainly contribute to difficulties with fat loss. Still, in itself, it will not be the entire answer. Steroids don't directly have a strong fat buring effect but being at optimal levels can make a huge difference in your ability to make progress. The biggest factors at play are going to be your diet, cardio and rest. Even with steroids, you won't make progress, if these things aren't in order. For a healthy individual, it takes a lot of suffering to get in great shape, and there is a good chance that someone like yourself is going to have to work even that much harder. 

    As for using gear and understanding how to use it, the first suggestion I am going to make, is to hang around my QA and read as much as you can. No matter how detailed I answer your question, I'll never be able to break everything down for you in one reply. There is so much to know, in order to be safe and get optimal results. It's taken many years to gain the knowledge I'm sharing here, and I'm still learning to this day! 

    For HRT dosing, about 100-200mg of Test Cyp is standard. Everyone is different and the only way to know how much you need, is to have lab work done. If your Dr is not able to write you the script you want, maybe she will at least monitor your lab work and keep you in the safe, upper end of normal. If she isn't willing to watch you, find another Dr that will. HRT is a life long commitment, so you want to know that everything is at the right level for the long haul. The goal here is an improved quality of life, right?! Along with the test, you will need an AI to control estrogen. Arimidex at .5mg 2x wk would be a good place to start. 

    Once again, I cannot stress how important diet is going to be in this process. You can take test and have little to no improvement without the right plan. Feel free to contact me, here at the Next Level Nutrition header in the QA if you are interested in working on a plan. I am 100% certain that you can make vast improvements if you have the willingness to change.