8weeks test prop 500mg..pct

  • anonymous650
    8weeks test prop 500mg..pct
    on: 2014-07-28 23:22:51
    Hello..I am doing a test prop eod 200mg with hcg 500 mg weekly for 8 weeks, with.5mg anostrazole eod. then hcg 500 mg daily for last 7-10 days then stop hcg for 4 days before pct then start pct. anastrazole up it pct starts. (also ghrp6 250 mcg and cjc w/o dac 100mcg 2x daily , 2.5 iu gh hgh am) during cycle starting week 5.pct 4 days after last pin then 150 mg clomid 1 day then 50 mg clomid for 20 days, also 40 mg of nolva for 10 days then 20 mgs nolva for 20 days. Is this acceptable ?Or can i improve and how to keep gains?Thank you for your help
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: 8weeks test prop 500mg..pct
    on: 2014-08-12 02:50:17

    Honestly, I think that you don't need clomid AND Nolvadex. Taking more isn't going to make you recover any faster or better. I would stick with the clomid. Also, I prefer to run HCGZ through the cycle at 250iu, 2x wk, up until a few days before PCT. If you do choose to run your HCG the way you have outlined, remember that is is going to spike your test dramatically and thus estrogen. The adex will help with that, but watch yourself for gyno flare up. Probably not going to happen, but be aware. With your GH and GH releasing peps, I would continue on that as long as you can. If possible, I would start them sooner than wk 5