Anabolic to define abs and entire body

  • jorge
    Anabolic to define abs and entire body
    on: 2013-08-11 20:35:50
    hello friendI need to know how I can help define my abs, and backare the two parts in my body that I can not get on success one definition for a competitionthanks for your help
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Anabolic to define abs and entire body
    on: 2013-08-15 06:04:28

    you may have heard the phrase, "abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym". this is mostly true. believe it or not, you already have a killer set of abs. if you didnt, you would have a hard time standing in an upright position. the only thing standing between you and "the situation" from jersey shore (in early seasons, before he was drugged out and lost interst in GTL...yes, i watched jersy shore for awhile haha) is a layer of fat. remove that fat and PRESTO! sweet abs that every girl on the beach is going to wish their boyfriend had. 

    sounds easy, right? well, no, you know it isnt, or you wouldn't have asked your question. sadly, steroids are not going to help much in this quest. in fact, some will be down right counter productive, adding more fluid and washing your 6 pack out further. steroids are not going to burn much fat. we use hardening drugs at the end of a diet, winny, tren, mast, halo, ect, to improve the quality of the muscle, but if you haven't already gotten rid of the fat, that muscle is going to remain mostly hidden. now once you do get the fat off, any one of these hardeners are only going to improve your look, but lets back up and talk about a solution.

    we all have stubborn areas of fat. these are the last areas that your body retains, in the fat loss process. the midsection is very common for men, AKA the spare tire effect. in cases where you are already doing everything right and have legitimately taken you fat to a really low level, it may just be a matter of continuing on your path and grinding it out for longer. or it may require reducing your food further. those stubborn areas can be rough, especially, if this is your first time getting this lean. if you havent been this lean before, you have to understand that your body is very comfortable with having that fat there. i've found that after years of dieting, my body has become more willing to let go of fat when i need to diet...but at first, it can be really tough. it may help to understand that fat storage in the midsection is often related to insulin release. you may need to look at your carbs. you want to keep insulin very low. for some, they can get abs while still eating carbs. brown rice oatmeal and sweet potato are about the cleanest you can get. but many people need to eventually go to a no carb keto style diet, at least near the end, to truly reach low single digit body fat levels. be aware that even your whey protein can spike your insulin. 

    so diet is the key, but there are other things you can do. on top of diet, you can speed the process up with cardio to supplement the diet and you can also add in fat burners, clen is very popular. this and t3 are my go-to diet drug for contest dieting. and although, doing lots of ab work isnt going to spot reduce fat, it will make the ab muscels thicker, and therefore will show through better at higher % of fat. i would suggest staying away from heavy weighted ab movements that can make your waist look more blocky, but instead focus on burning them out with sets of 20 or more crunches, hanging leg raises and side to side twisting movements. stay away from movements that have you bend to the side. we dont want that. we wany twisting movements. 

    finally, there is one more element that holds us all back from looking totally ripped and grainy all the time, especially in the mid section. thats fluid retention. this is going to keep all of us from having perfect ads all the time. even when you reach low single digit fat levels, water under the skin can wash out your abs. unfortunately, there is no permanent for this problem. the best you can do is control sodium intake and keep drinking lots of water to keep your body flushing the fluid out. if you have plans to compete, you may to do a whole prep week of water manipulation, which may or may not include natural or pharmaceutical diuretics. it should be noted to anyone reading this, that diuretics are not a long term answer to the ab issue. they may help for a day, but when you experince rebound, you may...and probably will add back 2x the fluid that you started with. plus, long term, your kidneys would take one hell of a beating. in a way, magazine covers and fitness adds have sold us a false image, making it look like the guys in mens health or flex just walk around like that every day. the truth is, they look like that a few times a year and do as many photo shoots as they can during those short periods. you can look great all the time, but just keep your expectations realistic and understand that there are limits to how awesome your 6 pack is going to look on a regular day. 

    last, here is a list of "ab friendly" gear, that at the very least, will not get in your way of reaching your goals. 

    test prop : test should be the base of all cycles for an adult male. this short acting version will not create as much fluid retention as other long acting versions

    hardening steroids, winstrol, anavar, primo, tren, masteron, halo : these steroids will not make you hold water and many will add to creating a more dramatic, dry/hard look to the muscle. 

    anti aromatizing agents, adex, aromasin, letro : these drugs will reduce estrogen and thus reduce the amount of fluid you hold. you can even use longer estered test while taking enough of an AI, and not suffer from an over abundance of water retention 

    so here are some tools and a few tips that should lead you on your way. all thats left is the hard work. and for most of us, getting good abs is hard work. if it wasn't we'd all have great abs all the time. that being said, i promise that anyone can have abs, if they are willing to put the work in. best of luck!