Acne during cycle

  • anonymous451
    Acne during cycle
    on: 2014-08-06 00:52:32
    Hey bud, im 20 Y/O and just did my first cycle, when I was younger about 15-16 as I started training I had really bad cystic acne all over my chest and back. i went on Accutane and its all scarred over. But i went on my first cycle of 250mg test E/ml a week and got new cysts/pimples pop up a couple of times a week. How do bodybuilders stop this from happeneing, genetics? Accutane in cycle? any strict washing routines?Im scarred for life so have time off cycles now and am waiting for all to scar before getting laser surgery, hopefully this helps enough to able me to compete.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Acne during cycle
    on: 2014-08-19 04:47:51

    Over time, my body has gotten used to using gear and acne hasn't been bad. But I did get bad acne when I first started. I used accutane and it made a world of difference. For someone that gets bad cystic acne, it might be the only option. This acne is being produced deeper in the body. It often has less to do with your skin being clean. Still clean skin will help. Try some Dial anti bactera bar soap. The yellow/orange bar. 

    Also, I've found that the more I split my shots up through the wk, the less acne I would get. Doing EOD shots with long esters has helped me. With short esters, ED shots. Stable hormones help. If you need to, go back on accutane for another course, through your Dr, and it may keep you from breaking out on fugure cycles. If you are running gear while using it, be sure to avoid using orals