1st cycle question

  • anonymous956
    1st cycle question
    on: 2014-08-12 02:55:09
    I am getting ready to start my first cycle of Test E and I was going to get Anastrozole to take during my cycle and after for PCT. Would it be good idea to also use another PCT after cycle like Proviron, or is it necessary?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: 1st cycle question
    on: 2014-08-26 02:26:55

    Anastrozole, or adex, is an AI, which will control the conversion of test to estrogen. Post cycle, you want to use a SERM, clomid or Nolvadex. I have been leaning more toward Clomid, starting 2 wks after your last shot, using 100mg ED for 1 wk. Then 50mg ED for 2 more wks. 3 wks total. Prov will help some with estrogen control on cycle and will bind with SHBG, making your test a little more effective, but if you use it or not, your gains will probably look the same. It isn't going to make or break you. You might look a little harder with prov on cycle and it will increase libido. I would not use it as your PCT though.