What is your opinion?

  • anonymous194
    What is your opinion?
    on: 2014-08-18 07:49:11
    What is your opinion on this stack. Dosages alright? Cycle length: 10 weeks -50 mg dbol per day-810 mg sust 270 per week -500 mg deca 250 per week -25mg proviron per day PCT: 5 weeks -week 1-4: 40mg nolva per day-week 1-4: 100mg clomiphene per day-week 1-5: 1 mg Anastrozole per day-week 1: 4,500 iu HCG-week 2: 3,000 iu HCG-week 3: 1,500 iu HCG
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: What is your opinion?
    on: 2014-09-01 22:46:59

    I'm assuming your 1mg adex is through the cycle. I would back that down to .5mg EOD and take more, only if needed. I would also use your HCG through the cycle, not in PCT. HCG is going to "prime" your natural production of test, but in PCT, you need to let your body produce on it's own, in order to get recovery moving. If you are using HCG through PCT, your body doesn't have a chance to produce on it's own. So I would use 250iu 2x wk, through the cycle and stop a few days short of PCT