T3 and Clen

  • Rosie
    T3 and Clen
    on: 2014-08-20 23:49:11
    Hi I am very new to this so all the help I can get would be appreciated. I will be starting a cycle of Anavar, but wanted to also drop some weight. Would it be safe to take T3 and Clen at the same time? I am not trying to enter any contests just trying to look better. Want to get some definition while getting thinner as well. Could you also tell me about dosing for all 3 ....thanks. Any information would be appreciated
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: T3 and Clen
    on: 2014-09-07 03:41:51

    If your diet is right, you can make progress without using fat burners, but if you want to add something in to speed the process, start with some clen. It should make a pretty big difference and isn't as intense of a drug as T3. T3 is active thyriod hormone and some pretty serious stuff. Clen won't have nearly the same impact on your natural hormones. 

    If you are going to use Anavar, and are a male, I would highly suggest using at least a low dose of test to support your body's natural funtion. (if you are a female, see advice below) Var will slow or stop your natural production of test. So 1cc EW of a long acting test would be a very wise decision. Test cyp or Test E. It sounds like this is your first cycle? Take some time to read up, here at the QA. There are a lot of guys in your position and I've answered a lot of questions for them here. Also, you are going to need  to use an AI, as well as PCT. If you are going to cycle, do it right! 


    Male Cycle :


    Test cyp 200-250mg EW

    adex .5mg 2x wk to EOD as needed

    clen 40mcg ED to start, then add 20mcg every 2 wks, going no higher than 120mcg to the end of the cycle


    Anavar 50mg


    PCT starts 2 wks after your last shot. 

    1 wk of clomid 100mg ED, then 2 more wks at 50mg ED


    If you are a FEMALE, there is no need for test. In fact, you will never need to use test in a cycle. Steroids are male hormones, so you need to be very careful with them and dosing will be much lower than for a male. There is also no need for PCT, as you do not need to recover your natural test production. Start low with your anavar dosing, 5mg ED and see how your resond. After a few wks, if you are ok and not getting side effects common to a female, you can increase it to 10mg ED

    For clen, start with 20mcg and increase by 20mcg every 2 wks, going no higher than 100mcg ED through the end of the cycle



    Anavar, starting at 5mg, going to 10mg, if ok

    clen, starting at 20mcg and adding 20mcg every 2 wks