General advice for beginner

  • Wes
    General advice for beginner
    on: 2013-04-19 08:33:34
    I'm 21 years of age and I'm beginning my 2 cycle. My first cycle being test 400. I won't jump into all the information about the second cycle except for what I'm taking which is a stack of test 500, DECA 250, oral tren and a-50 oral split kinda half and half due to being liver toxic. I would greatly appreciate any advice u have for me. So I guess that's my question, what advice comes to mind? I have all the measurements planned out and a pretty decent diet planned. I go hard at the gym but should that differ when I'm on my cycle. For example exercise every body part everyday due to ridiculous recovery from the cycle,etc. Thanks for your time.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: General advice for beginner
    on: 2013-04-21 05:47:21

    if your diet and training is on point, there is no need to change anything. in fact, be extra careful. with the added strength of a cycle like this, you are more likely to get injured. you want to push and be hardcore, but you need to listen to your closer than ever. it may seem easy to lift a once impossible weight. just because you can, doesn't always mean you should. i would suggest going up no more than 5% weight per week. your muscle will get stronger about 2 wks faster than your connective tissue. take it slow, eat right and you will grow. the added strength is going to allow you to tear down your muscle that much more, so keep your training split the same. if you get enough of the right foods, the aas will assist in healing the addition damage created by being able to train harder. 


    all of this being said, i dont like this cycle. i dont like the tren and deca together. combining 19 nor's can more easily give you proges based gyno. i also don't like the a bombs with the oral tren. both are very toxic to the liver and your cholesterol. i would strongly consider stopping the tren and saving it for another cycle. put it this way, i can't count how many cycles i've done, and i would not be interested in combining the two..just my opinion.