lean muscle

  • anonymous781
    lean muscle
    on: 2014-08-23 00:52:47
    What is your best cycle to get lean muscle for the novice User. I have used tren before but honestly I cant handle the night sweats. I was running 200 Mg enanthate per week with cycypionate 250 Mg per week and adex .5 ed..I don't like winny due to joint issues. My diet is really clean and healthy. I just cant get rid of the puffiness. I was wondering about a primobolan and oxan cycle. Should I lay off test for a couple months and run halo or primo? I don't like the idea of not taking test. I'm 34 yo and I take only 250 Mg week. If I jumped to 500 Mg week would that help me get leaner or make it worse?Or should I just take tren alone ? Any help u can give is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: lean muscle
    on: 2014-09-10 03:33:06

    Everyone is different, but in general, you want to keep some amount of test in the cycle. The softer look can come from a number of causes. One can be estrogen. Too much estrogen and you're likely to look softer. You can control estrogen through more AI or through less test. For most people, 2cc test cyp or Test e should be pretty controllable. If you still struggle, knock it down to 1cc. As for compounds to add to your cycle, primo would work ok, but the gains aren't going to be dramatic. Still, with the right diet, you could certainly make some progress on a test/primo cycle. If you want to keep the test low, something along the lines of this could work well 


    250mg Test E EW

    500mg Primo EW

    Adex .5mg 2-3x wk


    Ananvar 50mg ED