Ectomorph bulking/cutting first cycle,

  • anonymous152
    Ectomorph bulking/cutting first cycle,
    on: 2013-08-16 08:57:03
    Hi mate,My question to you is, I have currently been lifting serious for the past 2 years, only actually paying attention to my diet for about a year from a proper nutritionist , since then I have gone from a obese 30+ bf% down to 8% , shedding almost 80 pounds, now I have started my first (natural bulk) at 2900 cal a day, gaining 5kg of muscle and bf has gone up to 13% now this is 3 months into it, I asked my nutritionist about anabolics and said if I were to do a bulk cycle (test e + dbol) I would just end up a fat lard again, which brings me to ask a pro if this would be true? In a way I think going over 3000 cals my bf would definitely go up, to much maybe, I have had good gains bulking naturally am I best to look at doing a cut cycle for a first go, I'm thinking test p and whinny oral, I'm 28years of age and really taking this seriouse, like I say my nutrition is down pack, but would of loved to do a good bulk cycle first off, have you any suggestions for a ectomorph bulking regime? When I cut I usually go into a -1000 cal deficit so sit around 1800-1900 cals, could I still make good gains on a cut with this amount?Cheers for any advice!
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    Re: Ectomorph bulking/cutting first cycle,
    on: 2013-08-23 05:23:23

    first of all, congrats on your transformation. it sounds like you've done a great deal of work and come a long way. 80 lbs is huge. your body must feel so much better. you obviously have learned what it takes to cut fat as well as build muscle. i think you've developed a good foundation if you wanted to use AAS to take it to the next level. at this point, i would do what it takes to naturally bring you body fat back down to prepare for your next growth phase. there is no need to use AAS while reducing fat again. just eat clean and bring the cals back down and slowly take it back off. on your first cycle, you will have the potential to make some great muscle gains and i personally believe it would be waste to make that cycle a cutting cycle, being "on" while in a calorie deficit. get back down to 10% to give yourself the room to gain a little fat as you once again increase your food in a steroid enhanced clean bulk. there is no reason that steroids would turn you into a "fat lard" unless your diet is off. steroids only allow you to better utilize the food you eat and grow at a faster rate. if you run a test e and dbol cycle, you will gain some water weight and this can distort your look to an extent, but this is temporary and when you come off, so will the fluid. but while you're on, water retention doesnt have to be out of hand. you can use an AI and eat a controlled amount of sodium to keep from becoming too bloated. you dont want to stay too dry though. this fluid will help with strength, growth and recovery.

    also, when you first start cycling, prop is not a great idea. it can be very painful, especially in virgin muscle. plus, you have to use it at least EOD and this can become an issue, figuring out how to use multiple sites and experiencing pain that may limit your ability to work in the gym. its just a whole lot of estra issues that you dont need to worry yourself about.


    here is how i would outline the cycle :


    test e or cyp 350-500mg

    adex .5mg 2-3 times a wk


    dbol 25mg


    you may find that you need more adex to control estrogen while on dbol than when the dbol is finished.


    PCT starts 2 wks after last injection