adding ketotifen to a fat burning cycle

  • anonymous909
    adding ketotifen to a fat burning cycle
    on: 2014-08-30 08:41:20
    Hi ketotifen blacks the Bata receptors that clan used. I wonder how much should I add. ppl say 2-3 MG per day, it's not cheap and I don't want to go crazy on side meds. Can u help me please.Week1-10 clan like u always suggest1-10 yarmembine hcl,12 MG1-10 ketotifen 1-3 MG ?1-6 t 3 like u always suggest1-6 proviron 25-50 a day not sure1-10 test boostermy question is proviron enuff to save muscles from t 3 catabolic effects? I would prefer not to use oral or sad on this cycle unless u sugest it because right after I finish this I'll do a balking cycle of test/deca/masteron. Whit deal kick start. I want to drop a lot off fat. I lost like 30 pounds whit nothing just working contraction and cardio was stairs 17 floors lol. Thank you for you're help.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: adding ketotifen to a fat burning cycle
    on: 2014-09-18 02:50:15

    Unless you are going to use gear, I would advise to not use T3. Prov has no muscle building properties so it will not give you the effect you are looking for. As for keto, you can do just fine without using it on a clen cycle. Adding it in isn't going to hurt, but by slowing increasing the clen dose, it will continue working over the length of your cycle. If you do want to use keto, start with 1mg in wk 5 or 6. See how that works for you.