which of these products are most effec in the body?

  • jorge
    which of these products are most effec in the body?
    on: 2013-08-19 04:24:45
    hellothank you very much poor answer the previous questionNow I need to know if you operate the products actually located (IGF1 l3, CJC-1295, mgf,)product with your experience which I can recommend to increase my leg size ...or can help with a good cycle peptides ..thank you very much
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: which of these products are most effec in the body?
    on: 2013-08-22 04:16:59

    im going to guess that english isnt your first language. thats totally ok bro. i can see what you're trying to ask and i'm glad that you can come here to read and ask your questions. 


    peptides. these things are pretty new to the BB scene and a lot of us are trying to figure out whats the best way to use them. personally, my experience is limited with them, as i rely mainly on what has been tried and true. gh, insulin and igf-1 lr3. these are the main peptides i use but i have also experimented with ghrp 6 and ghrp 2. 

    if you were to pick 2 peptides to help add mass, i would first suggest igf-lr3. i would not use the igf DES version as it breaks down in your system much faster. with ghrp6, i take it on an empty stomach or betwwen meals so that my insulin levels are at their lowest. i wait about 20 min before i eat. i would take both GHRP and IGF via an IM injection, using an insulin pin. heres how i would combine ghrp6 and igf

    first thing in the morning : ghrp6 250mcg

    post training : ghrp 6 250mcg, IGF LR3 30 mcg

    right before bed : ghrp6 250mcg

    notice that i keep the IGF dose on the low side. i've tried all sorts of doses but you'll find that with peptides, more isnt always better. i find that the higher the dose, the quicker the IGF stops working. i would much prefer to use a small dose over an extended period. i can feel a good insulin like effect from 30mcg of IFG over an 8 wk period. from there, i take about 3 wks off. in that time, i would continue to use the GHRP6. i see on the internet that many people suggest 50mcg of IGF to start and run it for 4 wks on, 4 wks off. i've tried 50mcg, 60mcg, and 100mcg, like i said, the more you take, the faster it stops working. at least thats the experince i've had in my own life. 


    * side note. igf is mixed in a thin dilution of acetic acid. ghrp is usually mixed in bac water. bac water is becoming harder and harder to find, so if you cant find it, you can use acetic acid for both. it has a sting going in, but nothing you can't handle.