Thoughts on big ramy ?

  • anonymous665
    Thoughts on big ramy ?
    on: 2014-09-01 00:07:52
    Just wanted to get your thought on Big Ramy. How is it possible he could get so massive in such short a short period of time? Now I know he has great genetics and works his ass off in the gym and diet but with all of the anabolics, hgh, and slin it still seems so unrealistic to get that size in only 4 years. Is it possible that he is on some secret super drug or a real legit myostatin inhibitor ? It was said that Ramy could have a myostatin deficiency but I bet a lot of ifbb pros have that. Would love to here your input on this.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Thoughts on big ramy ?
    on: 2014-09-24 18:12:40

    Back in the late 90's, Victor Conte supposedly tested a number of the big name pros. Out of everyone, Flex Wheeler supposedly was the only one to have a myostatin mutation. So that would leave Ronnie and everyone else, "normal". You said what a big part of it is though. "Genetics". I've seen poor kids playing basketball that don't even touch weights and live off of snake cakes from the gas station, yet they could walk into the next state level Men's Physique show, and get a top placing...beating guys that are "living the lifestyle", day in, day out. It's genetics. If one of these kids were to follow an actual diet and catch the iron bug, look out. They'd wipe the floor with some state level bodybuilders, DRUG FREE. 

    So whats up with Ramy? Thats what a lot of people are wondering. From what I understand, he is just a freak among freaks. The extreme version of the ripped kid on the basketball court. If there were any secrets out there, that actually worked, we would know about them. Even with his genetic gifts, he still needs a lot of time to mature. We'll see what happens. Theres so much hope out there, that Ramy will be  Ronnie 2.0, and we will see. But for now, he just needs more time. 

    Personally, he isn't my favorite type of bodybuilder. I like the guys that have had to learn how to over come their weaknesses, and make progress, DESPITE their genetics. Those are the guys that give me hope and inspire me to push my physique to the next level.