Why is ugl so cheap compared to human grade?

  • anonymous353
    Why is ugl so cheap compared to human grade?
    on: 2014-09-01 21:21:32
    There is a new line here on naps that is called alpha pharma.Prices are so expensive compared to the other brands.So what makes human grade so much expensive compared to ugl?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Why is ugl so cheap compared to human grade?
    on: 2014-09-27 04:10:18

    There are a lot of factors that gear can be different prices, but as to why UGL is cheaper...a big part is because raw hromones are not that expensive. That doesn't mean that everyone can go out and buy their own raws and make their own gear. Purity can vary. You have to know of a GOOD raw source. For a lab like Geneza or HCL, they have solid connections and are able to pass that savings a lot. There is a lot less overhead than purchasing and reselling pharm grade. As Im sure you're aware, big pharma jacks up the prices of all meds. Next time you need a script filled at your local pharmacy, check to see what the price is without insurance. Some of these meds are $100s a month!! Production cost is much lower. The key with UGLs are, get a good lab that has a good rep. I use Geneza for almost everything and they have been consistent for me since 2009 when I found them. The big high end labs are making gear in places where restrictions are lower and they can use full scale opperations. This gear is not being made in someones basement. Keep in mind, there is UGL gear out there, that some gym bro is cooking up in his kitcken. Dosing can obviously be way off, consistency can be way off. So can safty. So like I said, stick with a good lab, if you want to go with UGL. All of the labs Naps carry are made with quality in mind. And Im not just saying that because we are at Naps page. They dont want to support poorly made gear that could tarnish their name and rep. They've been at this game too long to mess around with garbage.