• Peter
    on: 2014-09-09 07:18:25
    Dear Sir : I really need your help on here , hope you Can help me out , I,m 25 years old , been lifting for 3 years constantly , in my second year of bodybuilding I started to take prohormones , took too much of superdrol oral with no AI .. didn,t really care about side affects , I just wanted to get big .. my third year of bodybuilding I started to take the steroids I only did 2 cycles in one year under the supervision of someone who used to compete before ... any ways , I,m on cycle now test E 500mg weekly Mon-Thu , this is my last week of test ,,, so Thursday sep /11/14 its my last shot of test ....I just noticed that I have some puffy nipples but , they are not that bad , a friend of mine told me its small amount of gyno ... armidex during cycle wasn,t enough chest doesn't look good anymore , and I,m 100% sure its not Fat ,, as you know I,ll wait 2-3 weeks after my last shot on Thursday to get pct started (nolva+ clomid)the quwstion is ?should I run letro with nolva and clomid when I start pct ?please give an clear answer with amount of dosage of each of the nolve and clomid and letro ...I really appreciate your time ..
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: gyno
    on: 2014-10-01 05:19:31

    Bro, if you have the start of gyno on a test only cycle, I would increase the adex and start nolvadex ASAP at 20mg ED, continued for a wk after the gyno has gone away. If you get gyno, you'll feel pain and sensitivity around the nipple and you will feel a small lump in the breast tissue around the nipple. This is a bad sign. If you follow these directions, it will get things under control fast. 

    If you are not getting pain or sensitivity and there is no lump, then there is a chance that it is just fat or water retention....aka man boobs. This happens to some guys more than others, when body fat or water retention is high.