Second cycle

  • Oleboy
    Second cycle
    on: 2014-09-11 23:17:00
    I'm looking to add bulk I did my first cycle with test/tren I'm 21 I way 140 I gained 18 pounds but lost it in no time I'm thinking about doing a test/deca/tren cycle the tren will be low just enough to keep muscle's defined what would you recommend?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Second cycle
    on: 2014-10-04 05:37:42

    Hey bro, something is really off here, unless you are very short, like 5'1. At 140 lbs, you should be able to gain a ton of weight and keep it after. You are very very far from your genetic max. I am 100% certain that your diet is way off. You'll never gain if you don't eat, A LOT! And as you grow, you have to eat more. Start out working on protein. 1.5 to 2g of protein per lb, so you should be eating at least 250g a day, gotten from mostly real food sources, like chicken and eggs and beef. Maybe a few scoops of whey iso. 

    From there, start with about 300 carbs and see how you respond. If you can handle more after a month, increase. If 300g is too much and you are getting overly fat, back down a little


    Once you have this in order, think about doing another cycle. You should be able to gain 20 lbs on this plan


    Test cyp 350-500mg EW


    Dbol 30mg

    PCT starts 2 wks after last shot