HCG sub or intramuscular ??for better absorbtion

  • azteca
    HCG sub or intramuscular ??for better absorbtion
    on: 2014-09-16 11:17:05
    Thanks for all your help, Your feedback to past questions that I had really helped me out. I been preparing my first cycle since march I want to do things the best way possible. So my last questions is about hcg ? Instructions on the bottle says intramuscular or subcutaneous !! What do you recommend? It's absorbed the same rate in both ways ?. I want to do subcutaneous for hcg ;in order for me to give a break to the muscles that I'm going to be pinning with test E 2x a week. Planning on getting bacteriostatic water to prolog the use. 1-5 oral kick1-10 test e 500 mg split 250 x2 3-12 hcg 250 x 2 a week Pct 13-16 Nolva 40/40/20/20Clomid 100/50/50/ Thanks
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: HCG sub or intramuscular ??for better absorbtion
    on: 2014-10-08 03:17:49

    Either way, you want to use an insulin pin so doing IM is really easy with HCG. I'd just stick it in your delt or tri. Not a big deal at all. Little trama to the muscle. It's nothing like doing an IM shot of oil! I'd prefer IM, but sub q will work just fine, if thats what you prefer. And yes, always use Bac water vs the sterile water that is sometimes supplied with your HCG. Your plan sounds good. If you have enough, I would run it right up to about 3 days before you start your PCT. 

    Also, I would use a small dose of AI on your cycle