Cycke for Ladies

  • anonymous283
    Cycke for Ladies
    on: 2013-08-30 03:19:18
    What is a good cutting steroid for a lady at the age of 46...1st time for her
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Cycke for Ladies
    on: 2013-08-31 05:51:24

    anabolic steroids are all derived from the male hormone testosterone. females can respond very differently to them than males. some steroids...well, most steroids can lead to irreversible nightmares for women. there are only a small handful of drugs that women can use without major risks. even with these steroids, and even at low doses, there is a high chance for side effects, some of which can last for the rest of their lives. it is very important that the girl you are asking this for understands this going into it. some ladies i've talked to dont even have an idea of what steroids will do. they think it will help them lose fat and look great. they dont understand that a steroid;s main job is adding more muscle. if she's interested in fat loss, there are many better options out there.

    the first steroid i would suggest is anavar. this drug probably has the least amount of side effects. she may notice additional body hair and facial hair, both of which will not go away. she may eperince loss of her period, acne and oily skin. she may experince upset stomach and bloating. this drug is most likely not going to change her voice though or enlarge her clit. a good starting dose for a girl is 5mg. every girl is different. some find that at 5mg, they start to see side effects. some will move to 10mg and not have a problem. 20mg, IMO, would be an advanced dose and the outside max i would suggest for a seasoned female.

    for someone who has done well with cycles of anavar and is looking for a different compound, injectable primo at 50mg EW would be the next safest option, side effects can be higher with this drug and if they arise, it can take longer to get them under control. if she is new to AAS, building new muscle is her goal, and shes willing to take the risks, i would stick with the anavar. since she doesnt need to recover her natural test production, like males do, there is no need for her to run PCT. everything else that applies to men, will apply to her. drink plenty of water and if her diet isnt in good order, the cycle will be a waste. 

    if the side effects arent worth it to her, she might be better served using a low dose of GH. 2iu ED is fairly cheap and can help out with some slow gains over the long term, while helping lose fat. from what i see, a lot of gals are more interested in GH once they know that its safer and as a bonus, has anti aging effects. it improves the quality of hair and nails as well as reverses wrinkles. gh is amazing stuff. at 46 yrs old, i am sure that she would get quite a good boost from it, as her natural production will have gone downhill. ideally, she would stay on it indefinitely but at the least, i would stay on it for 4 months.