Cruising 500 ml per week

  • anonymous317
    Cruising 500 ml per week
    on: 2013-08-31 08:05:47
    I have been on 500 ml per week for a long time of test e. I want to blast, just don't know what to go up.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Cruising 500 ml per week
    on: 2013-09-02 02:38:41

    i'm going to assume you mean 500MG EW. honestly, thats not a cruise dose for most. this is a full on cycle for many guys. i hope that you have been getting your blood work done. you should make sure to get fasted labs on your cholesterol before you move forward. i would also want to know what your hemoglobin looks like. the idea of a cruise is to reduce the dose very very low, to that of a replacement level so you can give your body down time to come back to normal. it's supposed to be a way to clear off your receptors to an extent while still keeping your test up and holding most of your gains from the cycle. i have seen some guys say on the boards that theres no such thing as down graded receptors and to that, i say BS. i can tell you that IME, after being on a certain dose for awhile, it just doesnt produce results like it once did. the only options are to either add more gear or take a break. you can only add more gear for so long before your body decides its had enough, and thats when something goes wrong with your health. i've seen many guys who try to keep pushing, spending more and more money, getting less and less gains. at some point, we all need a break. believe me, i know that its hard to do. no one wants to be weaker. no one wants to see the scale go down. we all want constant progress but thats not how it works. its a game of 3 steps forward, 2 steps back. i bet that if you've been running 500mg test for a long time, going down to 200mg EW will make a difference. you're still getting plenty of test at that dose. but hey, i've been in this boat, and dont be shocked if at 200mg, you still feel a little lethargic and low sex drive. do yourself a service for your long term gains and at least take a little time, maybe 5-8 wks, down at 200mg, while you plan this next cycle. turn your focus into other aspects of training, like your diet and the methods you use in the gym. if you do this, you'll probably have a much better experice on your next cycle. from there, the world of cycling gear will be wide open to you, i cant tell you what doses to take, since i have no clue what your cycle experiene looks like, but if you want to use your next cycle as a bulk, pick a new ester of test for when you start the cycle, add an anabolic like deca or EQ and start it out with an oral kick start. i'd run some HCG at 250iu 2x wk through the cycle and then after that cycle, even if you are going to continue cruising, i'd plan to take some time off of everything, at least for a little while to get cleaned up and give yourself a break. do a PCT and try to hold out before starting a replacement dose.  going "on" is great. its when we make the most progress, but you want to set yourself up right for your cycles or your gains will suffer. in the future, if you decide to cruise, look at it this way. we want to use the least amount we can get away with. unless this message is secretly jay cutler, writing in for some cycle adive for the O, you can get away with far less than 500mg EW. best of luck bro. stay strong!