HGH carpal tunnel

  • cby
    HGH carpal tunnel
    on: 2014-10-17 08:29:35
    Been on 4IU/day of hyge for a couple months and just went from a cruise to back on. I would like to work up to 6IU while on cycle. For the last few weeks my thumb and two fingers on both hands have been numb most of the time and my wrists pop occasionally causing nerve impulses in my hands. The sides are tolerable and I don't want to back down the dose. My question is this, If I push through the sides will the carpal tunnel subside once my body gets used to the dose? Is HGH induced carpal tunnel temporary and does it go away when off of growth? I intend on running 4IU for at least a year, just don't want to cause permanent damage.Thank you for your time answering and helping everyone become more knowledgeable!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: HGH carpal tunnel
    on: 2014-11-12 03:23:48

    The CT is caused by fluid pressing on the nerve. As your body gets used to it, it'll get better. I have also experienced other odd joint issues while on GH that I can't explain. Tennis Elbow and knee pain are common for me, when I start increasing the dose. Too late now, but it helps to start low, 2-3iu and slowly build, .5iu, every couple of wks, as you get used to it. If it's effecting your ability to hold the weight, you might need to back it down a little. Trust me, you'll still do good on 3iu, if you need to. Then a couple wks after the pain has gotten better, go to 3.5iu. See how you do for a couple of wks and go from there. Contrary to popular belief, there are big dudes out there using 3iu a day and making good gains. It's about the long game, not what you're able to tollerate today. Some guys can handle more than others. If you find a sticking point that you can't increase from, that just means you'll be able to run a lower dose for longer. IMO, 4iu for a year is better than 5-6iu for 8 months. Just food for thought. Long term gh use is ideal. I'm never coming off of it