anavar for women

  • anonymous333
    anavar for women
    on: 2014-10-18 11:33:45
    Hey man...last question I asked I jumped the gun didn't realize you answered my question already ..sorry but new question anavar a good choice for a woman that does not want size but to shed fat and tone up only...without bulking up...and if so ...and what dosage? As always thank you for sharing your knowlegde...
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: anavar for women
    on: 2014-11-12 20:13:05

    The idea of steroids are to add muscle...get bigger...add more protein to the muscle cell than protein going out of the muscle cell. GROWTH! Steroids have very little to do with fat loss. As best in dieting, steroids help to retain muscle while limiting calories. For someone that is of normal size, they can make great fat loss progress without worrying about losing muscle size. If fat loss is the goal, something like clen would be a much better bet. It will help to burn fat, as long as the diet and cardio plan are already in check. For a female, starting at 20mcg, taken first thing in the AM. then increase every 2 wks by 20mcg. Once she hits 80mcg, stay there for up to 4 wks, then come off and take a break. 

    Another good option is the ECA stack. ECA is great for fat loss. 25mg E, 200mg C, 81mg A. Start 1 time a day. Work up to 2x a day, if tollerated. With this, go 4-5 wks on, 4-5 wks off. You do not want to use ECA and clen together. One or the other

    And once again, this is all assuming that diet and cardio are on track.