Back acne and oral tbol

  • anonymous992
    Back acne and oral tbol
    on: 2014-11-01 09:09:12
    I'm 43 and have been on a Dr. prescribed test for about two years. Generally 1ml every two weeks. Barley keeping my test levels up to par. I started a stack of sust 270 1ml twice a week and kickstarted it off with oral tbol 4 tabs a day. Basically the oral tbol must have been killing my liver because I had zero energy or libdo and just felt crappy. So I stopped the orals and started 1 ml of sust 270 and 1 ml of Equipoise together twice a week. Will this be ok to run together? And how long will it take the oral tbol to clear out of my liver? One more thing is I have never had acne bad and even the test the doctor prescribes gives me aweful back acne and chest as well. Any suggestions? I'm 5'9 210ibs and been hitting weights for 5 years before even taking the doctor prescribed test which keeps my levels at about 800. Also can I use this doctor prescribed test as a pct or should I need to invest in something more?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Back acne and oral tbol
    on: 2014-11-24 01:43:18

    Tbol will have cleared your system within a couple of days. As for damage it may have done, thats really hard to say. Your best bet is to get blood work done to see exactly whats going on with it. 

    As for acne, a lot of times, acne is related to flucuation in hormone. The more you split your weekly doses up, in to smaller doses, the more your levels will be stable. A lot of times, I do EOD shots, even with long acting gear. For me, part of that has to do with the volume of oil I use per wk, but part of it has to do with keeping levels stable and avoiding acne. With Sust, your best bet is to do EOD shots because of the shorter esters.

    As for PCT, there is no need for you to do a PCT if you are using HRT from your Dr. As long as you are on gear, you can't recover. If you ever wanted to do PCT and not take HRT test from your Dr, you would need to come off of all gear, completely. Sounds like you are at a good level though and that things are stable on your HRT. No reason for you to attempt going off, as long as you are comfortable with the program