when to try tren e or hex

  • anonymous909
    when to try tren e or hex
    on: 2013-09-04 07:00:37
    thank you for answering my other questions. i was just wondering when can anyone try tren hex? lets say low dose like 200-300 added to 500 test e and master or vinny. do you really need 5 or more cycles first before u can try it?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: when to try tren e or hex
    on: 2013-09-06 04:00:17

    i dont think you NEED 5 cycles before you use it, but lets look at things like this. when you first start using gear, you're going to grow off of basically any cycle you take. over time, as you get bigger and your body gets used to high androgens, it's going to take more gear or higher doses to evoke a strong response. so your best bet is to use the least amount of gear you can to get a strong response. if you had a headache, you aren't going to take advil, asprin and tylonol all at once. you're going to pick one that works. taking all three pain releivers isnt going to do the job any better when one would work. so how does that apply to tren? tren, no matter what the ester, eneth, hex, ace... is one of the strongest steroids out there. it's in your best interest to save the strongest drugs for a little while when just a basic test cycle or test and an oral kick start is going to add as much mass as you'll be able to gain at one time. also, a huge issue with tren, even more important than the gains you will or wont make on cycle, is the side effects. it can be on of...if not the worst steroid for side effects. insomnia to no end, constant night sweats, general physical discomfort, high BP, mood swings and aggression...i've heard it refered to as "divorce in a bottle". for a new user, just getting through a cycle can be work enough without having to deal with all of these potential side effects. further, if you do what to use tren, its best to start out with tren ace for your first tren cycle, no matter how many other cycles you, tren can be a little different. if you do suffer some side effects, they can be calmed down very fast, within a couple of days, just by reducing the dose. if you use hex or tren e, its going to take up to wks to feel relief 

    50-75mg tren ace EOD along with test as a base should be plenty. i feel that EQ or deca are better for mass. some like tren for bulking just fine. not for my taste. IMO for dieting, this could be a good combo. it could easily be combined with 100mg prop EOD along with a low dose AI. PCT starts a few days after last inject