• mysticman
    on: 2013-09-06 15:11:37
    Im 50 years and i want to start HGH what is the proper dose to start with?also should i run test with it!!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: hgh
    on: 2013-09-08 05:24:47

    i'm not quite sure what your goal is for using GH, but i do get a lot of questions about it, so i'm going to take this as an oppertunity to talk about it's various applications.

    first off, lets talk about what GH ISNT. growth is no an anabolic steroid. it isnt going to evoke the dramatic, fast gains that a steroid will. it's something that take more of an investment in time. because it isnt a steroid and doesnt interfere with HPTA function, it can be continued on after a steroid cycle is over and doesnt need PCT when you complete your GH cycle. also, because it isnt a steroid, female athletes can use it without worry of virilization.

    there are many applications for growth. it can be used at a replacement dose, for the older individual, who isn't producing as much natural gh, around 2iu ED, taken either sub q or (as i prefer) IM, once a day. HRT Dr's usually have pateints take it right before bed. this is when our bodies usually produce that largest burst of GH. personally, when taking small 2IU doses, i like to take it first thing in the morning, in hopes of not interfering with my natural production some 16 hours later, while i'm asleep. some take it 5 days on, 2 off. if money is an issue, you can run it this way, but i belive the results are better when it's taken ED. over the long term, you may see improvement to the quality of your skin, hair and nails. you'll find that you store less body fat and in time, may add lean tissue. in itself, 2IU isnt going to be a muscle building dose, but taking it ED over the long haul, is going to ensure a healthy, youthful level of GH which is going to put you in a better environment for muscle growth. for an older male, combining it with a replacement dose of test is going to really optimize your fitness level and help transform your body. 

    the next use for GH that i'd like to talk about is for fat loss. moving up into the 3-4iu range, the fat loss produced by GH becomes much more noticable, IME. i find that at this dose, my muscles remain fuller and with the right diet, along with AAS, i believe it can contribute to better gains. for someone interested in getting really lean, adding about 4IU of gh is going to help. along with this, you will also get the health benefits described above. i've taken this dose of GH in a few different ways. all at once in the AM. all at once, post training. splitting it up. personally, i seem to have the best response when taking 4iu day, when i split it into 2iu first thing in the moring, and 2 IU 6 hours later. 

    finally, for someone who wants to use GH for freak like muscle growth, i'd suggest 6IU a day or more, combined with insulin and AAS. this isnt an ideal plan for someone newer to AAS because they can still make great gains on AAS alone. but for someone who, for instance, has gained 85 lbs of lean mass since they started training, is eating more than 5000 cals, and still can only gain a few lbs a year, this would be a good tool to continue on. keep in mind that im not only taking about combining GH with steroids but also with fast acting insulin. insulin can be a very dangerous drug and can KILL YOU, if you are not prepared or if you mess up. if someone is going to go this route, they need to do a lot more reseach than reading this little article, insulin needs to be timed with your carbs and you'll need to know exactly how many carbs you need per shot. this is a whole other conversation, so if this is your goal, dont just run out and buy some slin. you're going to need to put a lot more reseach into your plan. im not going to cover insulin use here. thats a whole other topic. i will say that with insulin, less is often more! you dont need much to get a strong response. too much can distort or destroy your physique. with your gh, if you are taking 6iu, i would personally take 3iu first thing in the morning and then 3iu 6 hours later. if you were to take 12iu, i would start with 3iu and then take another 3iu every 4 hours.


    no matter your goal, you are going to want to run gh for at least 4 months. ideally, you would stay on forever, at one dose or another. i will go up to higher doses in the contest season, and then reduce it to 4IU through my down time. oh, and a very important thing to note is that a lot of times, you get what you pay for. personally, i'm a fan of hyge GH. it works very well and had a solid rep. if cost is an option, you can use generics, as long as you trust your source. personally though, i believe its worth it to go with the name brands like hyges or rips. if you can get your hands on it, pharm grade is great, but the cost is much much higher