great information

  • anonymous846
    great information
    on: 2014-11-14 11:31:15
    This is great information. Thank you. As soon as the test 400 comes out, it will be on. I will keep track of all progress and share results so others can see the importance of this forum and how valuable professional help really is instead of taking matters into their own hands and not getting the propper results. Thanks again.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: great information
    on: 2014-12-02 03:37:42

    If you would like to keep a log about your cycle, a great place to do it would be at Nap's Forum, It's a great site with lots of good info and good people. One thing I will note about T400, because of the high amount of hormone per ML, it can be a more painful shot. My suggestion would be to only use it in small amounts. Most people are much better suited with a standard dosed test like Geneza Sust 270 or Test Cyp 250. These products are nearly painless compared to other brands on the market. The only way I use high dosed test, is in small amounts, mixed with other gear, to increase the total MG's per wk in my cycle. So an average shot including T400 for me, might be 1/2cc Test E, 1cc EQ, and 1/2cc T400. This will allow me to get more MG's in the shot without increasing the volume of oil. But for a guy that is using a standard cycle of say, 250mg to 750mg Test EW, this amount can easily be reached using standard dosed test, without having to deal with the potential of additional discomfort from a high dosed product